Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Hungry...I'm on a different diet

Today I am supposed to be telling you about this months read.  

I'm not gonna do that.

My Gram always said if you didn't have anything nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all.  And since I don't want to bash any books because I love to read I'm keeping these lips firmly clamped.  Well not really, but you get where I'm going.  I was disappointed, but not surprised that this book didn't resonate with me.  So go check out the other book hungry reviews for this month.

Instead I'll tell you I've been reading like crazy this month.  I just found a new author that I'm really enjoying.  Shannon Stacey.  Well, new to me.  Her Kowalski trilogy is a new favorite.  I liked all three and they each would stand alone really well, but I love authors who write big families.  Especially when they do them well and Stacey does them well.  She is working on the next three from this family and I. Can't. Wait.

I discovered Marie Force last year and more of her books are being released in e-book format.  Good news for me, not so good for my credit card.  I just finished another trilogy about Ganstt Island and am now working on True North.  

With Lifetime's release of Nora Robert's Carnal Innocence I found myself going and re-reading that one again too.  I have the paperback, hardback and e-book.  I am a Nora junkie.  No help needed, thank you.
Catherine Mann had a new book come out this month called Cover Me.  I'm saving that one for this weekend.  Sitting in the pool on my float with my kindle.  *Happy Sigh* Best way to spend the day.  Ever!

Julie James is another recent discovery.  And I was finally able to download Practice Makes Perfect.  This was her first book and I enjoyed it as much as the others.  

I did step out of my comfort zone to read Bad Taste in Boys by my twitter friend and undead spice sista Carrie Harris.  I enjoyed the book, even though I am not a zombie loving girl.  I would never have read this on my own, and honestly bought the book to support Carrie.  Bonus for me that I enjoyed it.
I sucked down a couple of Maureen Child books, one was new and one, an older book re-released in e-book format.  That is the one thing I love about my kindle.  Books that I read years ago are being re-released and sold.  

I cut my teeth on Harlequin and Silhouette books. I wish they would release all of the older ones and sell them for like a dollar or two.  There are definitely books I would love to go back and re-read.  Why haven't they thought of this? 

So that's my reading list for this month and there are still a couple of weeks left.  What are you reading right now?


abby mumford said...

holy moly. do you read a book a day?!?! i wish i had your quick reading skills. i find i'm slowing down as i get older not because i enjoy reading any less, but because i have so many more demands on my time or when i finally sit down to read, i fall asleep, or i read and savor each word or i'm reading/researching at the same time and can't just read for the sake of reading. i have to know how the author did something.

basically, your reading skills impress the heck out of me.

Karla Nellenbach said...

I have to say that I, too, am impressed with the volume of reading you have done so far this month.

Currently, I am reading Deviant (A YA paranormal mystery ARC) Also, I'm going to be starting RAW BLUE, which is an Aussie YA that I've heard such amazing things about. And, if I ever get my pre-order of Tawna's book, I will be diving headlong into that. fingers crossed that happens soon.

Alyson Peterson said...

I had to laugh a little at reading your post. Even though this book was my pick, I was hard pressed to find something nice to say about it. Brandon Mull can write better stuff than this and it was over all disappointing. Better books next time, eh?