Thursday, July 14, 2011

When ever you call me gets new meaning.

It's Thursday already and this week is flying by.

For serious, am I glad about that.

Today's posting is me sending a great big cosmic shout out to tweeps who make my day.  You know who you are.  But since not everyone else does...I am sharing.

Abby Mumford whom you can find here and here

Yesterday sucked for me, but Abby found a way to make my day when she tweeted this...

.@kbreakey on book clubs: "I love that at any time during a given month we are all lost in the same world. There is comfort in that." #AMEN

She wasn't the only one who made my day either.  

Karla?  Karla?   Are you in the house?  By the by, you can find her here and here.

YOU had to know I would mention this.  Ms. SourPuss who never has a nice thing to say to me sucked up yesterday and not in a little way.  She sucked up big.  She needs me.  Oh, I always new it would happen, and now it finally did.  She needs my *cough* computer expertise.  And she asked so nicely.  Well as nicely as she can.  It took me a little while to respond.  Mainly because I was basking.  But she elevated me from "biotch" to "friend".  I swear the sun was shining directly on my head yesterday.  Either that or I am in a coma and this really is all a dream.

Anyway, thanks ladies for dragging my ass out of the doldrums yesterday and making it, at least a bearable one.  And for the rest of you...if your not following them, why the hell not?  Hit them up on their blogs and twitter.  I promise you won't be disappointed.


Linda G. said...

I AM following them. Because you're right...they ARE awesome. And so are you. :)

Karla Nellenbach said...

You are completely ruining my reputation with this post.

At least I can take comfort in the fact that no one will believe that I called you anything but Biotch. because really, why would I call you (or anyone else for that matter) friend? Exactly. *nods*

But, Linda is right. Abby and I are the shizz ;)

Karla Nellenbach said...

And, I'm not nice, either.

just need to throw that out there. for the record and all.

Karla is a big meanie. spread it around.

abby mumford said...

oh, honey, you bring the sunshine pretty much every time we talk. i'm just radiating back what you're giving off.

thank you for saying such nice things about me. unlike miss nellenbach, you're pumping up my reputation rather than ruining it. ;) but reputation in tatters or not, she (and you) still rock(s).