Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things that make me go..."Oh my!"

I spent the weekend with the new man in my life.  It was all above board and the Captain approved.  I feel a little decadent even admitting this. 

I have a huge crush on Garrett Hedlund.  He isn't a new actor, and while I have been jonesing for him for awhile it wasn't until this past weekend that he went on my list.  What list you ask?  

You remember that episode from Friends where the guys made a list of the famous people they could sleep with if ever given a chance.  Well me and the Captain have lists like that as well.  Of course I don't think I would actually want to sleep with any of the men on mine, I just want to sit and look at them since they are all so pretty.  Okay, maybe dinner.  But only if they buy.

The hubs convinced me to watch Tron this weekend.  He felt that my education was sorely lacking since I had not seen either of the movies.  Did I like it?  Heh!  It was okay.  He could have turned the sound off and I would have probably enjoyed it more.  Olivia Wilde kept annoying me every time she started talking.  I guess this was because it took the camera away from the cutie.  

The next movie we settled down to watch was Country Strong, another movie that GH was in.  Oh. My. God.  He rocked the country cowboy look!

Afterward I told the Captain I was going to have to bump one of the guys from my list because GH was definitely going on it.  

Now your probably wanting to know who got booted off, but I don't think that's fair to him.  Instead I will tell you this.  GH joined a stellar group when he made the list.  He joins the likes of Jon BonJovi, hello, like you weren't expecting that one?  Nathan Fillion.*swoon*, Mark Harmon (do I even need to explain that people watch NCIS right?) and Josh Lymen.  (So what if he is a character on a now defunct TV show.  That's who's on my list.)  And now GH.

My list has changed over the years and I find that amusing.  I used to have the likes of George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg on the list.  I outgrew Marky Mark and Ben Affleck disappointed when he married that Alias girl, and of course Clooney's allure seems to have faded.  That was probably more information that you guys needed or wanted, but I just felt the urge to share.  Also, if anyone catches up with Nathan Fillion they should let him know I am waiting for him.  But if Garrett gets here first, all bets are off.


Linda G. said...

Nice addition to your list! I approve.

But, I'm sorry, you can't have Mark Harmon. He's mine. In fact, I want the whole NCIS cast. Okay, maybe not the girls. Maybe. ;)

Karla Nellenbach said...

I don't blame you for putting him on your list. He's hot!! although, I'm not really sure who he is (actor, I get that, but idk who he is) *shrugs*

my list, you ask? well, i don't like to name names (lest other hunky actor/singer/athlete types get jealous) but okay, you twisted my arm;)
Gerard Butler (he can whisper sweet scottish nothings in my ear all day and all night long), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the hottest of the Wincester men...although Jensen Ackles is a very close second on the Supernatural-ly hot scale), Roger Federer (although I think Nadal is the better tennis player...just saying), and Lenny Kravitz cuz he's just got it.

abby mumford said...

george clooney is off your list?!?! are you nuts?