Thursday, June 30, 2011

Undead Spice Girls Rule

Happy Thursday.

Below I am sharing a video today that just about cracked me up this morning.

This one is for my Un-Dead Spice Girl Sisters Mummy and Lurchy.  You know who you are, but just in case the rest of you don't, I'm talking about @abbymumford and @carrharr.  This is my version of what the three of us would look like, of course we wouldn't wear our shirts this way.  Don't worry, we would be wearing shirts.  We aren't like those Spice Girls.  Yeah, and we would be Zombie's...and girls.  I think.  Check it out. 

The things people put on youtube.  Have a great day and if you haven't entered my BTIB's contest in honor of @carrharr debut, get your butt over here and do it. Now!  Move it!  This would be scarier if I looked more like a zombie, right?

1 comment:

abby mumford said...

yeah, that's pretty much the extent of my own dancing abilities. i hope it doesn't hinder our ticket sales!