Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bang Head Here

I am feeling inspired to write now, unfortunately I am dealing with time issues.  

As much as I would love to spend my entire days writing and point plotting, I am actually required to spend my days working.  Yeah, it does suck.  Unfortunately in exchange for this week I get what is known as a paycheck.  I really like the paycheck part.

It has been frustrating for the past week because it seems that life keeps throwing me all of these curve balls to keep me from the keyboard.  

A friends passing, overtime at work, some problems around the house and then if that doesn't mess with your head, I learn that I'm not superwoman after all and yes I do need sleep.  I have been setting the clock extra early to have some time in the mornings, but this is almost more painful because just when I get into the meat, it's time to stop and start working.  Ugh.  

I need some tricks of the trade.  So tell me how do you keep the writing going when life seems to be telling you to take a break?

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abby mumford said...

that is a really good question and it's one i do not have the answer for. my life has taken over and thus my writing has taken a backseat. so you let me know how to fix this situation!