Monday, June 27, 2011

Sometimes it's all about the clothing

Most of you guys know how much I love my tweeps.  I try to check in at least once a day via twitter in order to keep up with what's going on.  Last week I a couple of new folks that I just had to follow.  They are pretty off the hook and since I love to tell you guys about all things new that I find, I thought it only fitting to introduce you.

My two newest twitter finds are @JeffsPants and @BillsVest.  If you aren't following them, you should.

Both of these twitter accounts have been created by crazed dedicated fans of two published authors who who can both be found on twitter here and here respectively.  My understanding is that these two alter ego's were created after a couple of conversations where the original Jeff and Bill started tweeting on behalf of their clothing.  (This was before my time so I may be off a little on the background.)

It doesn't matter really, what does is that @JeffsPants and @BillsVest are funny and not just a little.  So check them out and follow them. 

But be on the lookout because I am sure this new trend will spark some fascinating new tweeps like maybe Linda Grimes Cigar (whom she is very attached too) or Tawna Fenke's Bra (which she isn't so much attached too and likes to toss out at concerts.  Her words, not mine.) 

I will be on the lookout and let you know if anymore of these alter ego's arise.

So who's new and interesting in your twitterverse that I should be following.  Share now.

PS Don't forget to enter the Bad Taste In Boys contest I launched Friday for your chance to win.  You can check it out here for a chance to win. 




abby mumford said...

i missed the exchange that led to the creation of @JeffsPants and @BillsVest, so thanks for pointing it out to me! and OMG. linda grimes' cigar? that would be hilarious.

Karla Nellenbach said...

i have not seen these twitter handles out there, but yes, i did catch the convos that launched think.

and linda's cigar? ahahaha. genius

Patty Blount said...

Tawna's Bra? Priceless!

As for the vest and the pants, I follow them both and was there for the conversations that spawned them.

Jeff HATES his pants. Apparently, the pants now hate him and have sworn vengeance for the various indignities they have endured.

Bill, however, LOVES his vest and wears it everywhere. I don't think the vest is going to try anything funny.

As for the cigar, OMG. :)