Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here I go again...

I have the rest of this week to go still in my self-imposed twitter intervention.  Now it's starting to get hard.  I had something really good happen for the hubs this week and didn't have anyone to share it with.  Not that you guys personally know the Captain or anything, but sometimes it's just nice to be able to give a shout out about how my day is going because I know there is always someone there to shout back.  I miss that.  

Also I wanted to bitch about my selection for jury duty.  AGAIN!  How does this keep happening to me?  Just lucky, I guess.  This time I have been selected for federal court.  Again, I want to protest the unfairness of it.  In the year since I had to serve I haven't talked to one other person, and that includes my social media friends, who have been called to serve.  But here I go again.  Another summons at the exact year mark.

I don't care what jury I get called for he/she/it is Guilty.  

No, of course I don't mean that, well not really.  But I was supposed to start tweeting again Monday.  I have the date circled on my calendar and now I may have to go in for jury selection instead.  Yee-ha!  Yes, that was sarcasm.

The summons says I am required to be available for the whole month of June.  I called last Friday to see if I would have to report and they said my scheduled report date isn't until the 13th.  But I should call the Friday before again, just in case.  

I take jury duty very seriously, but I swear to god, I cannot be the only citizen in the county that does.  Right?  RIGHT?   What's a girl got to do to catch a break?

No, worries.  I have my fingers crossed that I won't be needed, but I am not holding my breath on that one.  Wait, would acting crazy and holding my breath during the selection get me kicked out?  Hmm, I need to think on this.  Meanwhile I am looking for some great excuses of why I can't server. Come on guys, I am counting on you.  

Hopefully I will be back to tweeting on Monday, but if not, just know you guys are in my thoughts.  Okay, not really.  But it did make you feel just a teeny bit better, right? 


Candyland said...

Ugh. Jury duty. Two g
ross words.

Linda G. said...

I've only been called up for jury duty once in the almost thirty years I've lived in this county. Only had to go in for two days that time. Don't know how much longer my luck will hold, though.

Karla Nellenbach said...

this is actually the first time I've ever been called to jury duty (my report date is the 21st). theres a part of me that is excited. I'd love to serve on a not for anything that would be potentially traumatic to my fragile psyche, like ya know...murder or rape or anything involving children or animals. a nice fraud charge would be fun, no? :)

abby mumford said...

i've only been called once and i was the second to last person picked. of course. fortunately, it was only one day and it wasn't anything horrible, so i found the whole process fascinating.

i don't know the florida rules, but i thought you weren't allowed to be called more than once every 3 years. there's something about saving the slip from the previous time you were called, so that if you're called sooner, show them that and they remove you. unless, of course, you want to go.

Jamie D. said...

For awhile there, I was in the jury pool for years, and served on 2 juries during that time.

I'll admit though - I love jury duty. Sure, it's inconvenient, but I find it fascinating to hear the cases, to read the body language in the courtroom, and to watch the other jurors interact. The whole thing is an amazing social study, IMO.

Good for story ideas too. ;-)