Thursday, June 16, 2011

There is no rage against the machine here...

I love my iPad.  I think that has been made perfectly clear.  

Recently I have been spending time downloading all of the free aps I can and playing with them.  Hello, I am a software junkie.  Hey the first step is admitting you have a problem.  Between my iPad and my smartphone I am in app heaven.

Today I thought I would share some of my favorites.

1.  The Kindle App

Two years ago for Christmas I got a great gift.  I got a kindle.  Can I just say I was one of those snobbish readers.  Oh, you know the type.  I will NEVER read from a digital device.  It takes something away from the whole experience.  Yes, I did actually use an upper crust british accent, although I am sure it came out sounding more like Edina from Ab Fab than Princess Di.  

Anywho, I was sure that I would never want to relinquish the feel of holding a book in my hand.  And while that has been true of weightier tomes, such as all of my cook-books that hasn't been the case with my other reading.  In fact, I have found that I actually prefer the kindle now to the books.  For one very basic reason.  I can make the letters bigger or smaller as I see fit.  That is just freaking brilliant!  Plus I don't have to have room in my home for 15000 books I can store them on kindle.  And the bookmark notes, I could go on and on.

2.  My Twitter App
Do I really need to explain why this is such a great app.  Mainly I love it because I was able to download it to my Smartphone, my iPad and my computer and they are all synched to the same account.  It really is the only twitter app I need.  It let's me list the certain someones I want to follow and keep track of my tweeps. 

I can also add more than one account and follow it on the same dashboard.  I don't, but I could if I wanted to.

It automatically shortens links that I want to send so I don't have to log into another piece of software and do it before I shoot if off and if I really wanted to I could have twitter and facebook talk to each other and update both social networks at the same time.

3.  Evernote

Okay, if you guys haven't checked this out yet, you need to.  This is one neat piece of software and it's free. This is like a one stop shop for all of your notes and thoughts and things you just don't know what to do with.

When I am on the computer and I stumble across something I don't want to forget but I don't want to bookmark, I can copy and paste it to my note via a web clipper app that was so easy to download.  I use it for the things that used to cover my desk in post-its.  In fact, I haven't used one post it since I downloaded this app.  And believe me that is AMAZING.  

You can tag your notes for easy sorting and searching.  You can create lists, add photos, send yourself your notes via email and even make some of your list public for sharing.  Whatever you need to do and it stores them in one place for easy retrieval.  This app isn't new so a lot of you may already be aware of it, but for those of you that aren't, check it out.  It works in conjunction with all your devices like the twitter and kindle app.  And where ever you go, your stuff goes too.

Are you using any of these?  Or maybe you have a great app you think I should look into, tell me about it.  But don't worry, I can quit anytime I want to.


Linda G. said...

Alas, no iPad. I have to use the real Kindle and the real Twitter, and take notes by hand. I'm so yesterday...

abby mumford said...

i have no ipad and no kindle, but i do have a smartphone, so i'm hip with the app lingo.

re: evernote. i started using that, but after a discussion with vanessa on twitter, i found springpad ( and i'm obsessed. it's even cooler than evernote, tho it doesn't have the adorable elephant logo. i did love that. it's essentially the same as evernote, but i love the color coding organization of springpad..... it's also free.... and you can access it online as well and then it syncs up to the app on the phone. love!