Friday, May 17, 2013

When the word strip loses its appeal

Thursday was another crazy whirlwind day.

What did I do?

I'm so glad you asked.

I learned that I hate, hate, hate stripping paint.  (I was going to type that all in capitol letters, but figured that would be over kill with all the hates I threw in there.)

I'm a good neighbor.  Don't feel bad, there was no way you could know that unless you are one of said neighbors.  When they have a need, I'm always there to lend a hand.  Sometimes I hate that about me.  I really hated that about me yesterday.

Seriously, this task kicked my arse.  

We were set to do four chairs and a table.  All wrought iron.  Guess how many we actually accomplished.  No really go ahead, guess.  


By the half day mark I was trying to convince my great neighbor that half scraped, half bubbled paint could be a new look for lawn furniture.  She wasn't buying.  At least not a noon.  By three she was singing a different tune.  I think it went something like... "Kelly you were right."  Normally I like being right.  Yesterday I got no comfort from it.  Maybe today, after I am refreshed sufficiently, I may will feel differently. 

Today we are on the look out for a sandblaster rental.  I promise to post some pics when we're done.  

Let's just hope it doesn't take us forever to get it done.

What are you doing this weekend?   

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