Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Color makes me happy

I have been keeping super busy this week.  

My self imposed sabbatical. 

Monday was all about getting the garage cleaned out.  Oh, the horror.  I am still not over that one yet.  

Yesterday I worked on getting our front patio all set for the summer.  Hubs has been bemoaning for years that fact that we no longer have a front porch.  For a little reference here; in our last house we did.  Have a front porch that is.  In this house we don't.  Did I mention we built this house in 2000?  No?  We did.  

We have a gorgeous back yard with a pool and a big patio.  (Pictures another day.  Promise.)  

But he isn't happy with that.  I have never understood his insistence that a front porch was needed.  I guess he likes to feel more connected to the neighbors and sitting out front allows that in a way hanging in the back yard doesn't.  Me?  I like being anti-social.

Okay, back to the patio.  

I decided that if he wanted a front yard hang out it needed to be comfortable and colorful.  It also had to be cheap since that makes the hubs most happy.

I has two plastic Adirondack chairs out there with a make-shift table.  (I had a terracotta pot turned upside down with a slab of stone on top.  Yes, I am resourceful.)  I have since had to draft make-shift table into service as a true planter.  It is now housing my pineapple sage plants.  

So I had to figure something else out.  We had a stack of resin chairs in the backyard stacked up along with some more of those plastic Adirondack chairs.  All of them were in okay working order if not the best looking shape.  My solution?  Paint.

I swear, it does a body good.  

I picked out two primary colors and went to town. 

I also moved the catch-all table that we keep in the garage in case of parties to the front.  Why I had never thought to do this before; I have no idea.  So with some paint, re-arranging of some outdoor furniture and new pot for the make-shift table hubs is officially all set.  
I think it turned out pretty well.  


By the way.  I don't think I know what sabbatical means. 

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Linda G. said...

Now, that looks inviting! All that table needs is a pitcher of margaritas. ;)