Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cray-Cray came to vist, but we didn't let her stay...

Technically this was supposed to be yesterdays post.  

I got a little lazy.

And by that I mean, I forgot to check and see if blogger actually permitted said post to be viewed.  I am unsure, but I think blogger has it in for me.  (I much prefer that thought process to the other, which is I just don't always know what I'm doing on this here blog.)

So this weekend was pretty cray-cray.

We are getting ready for our annual Memorial Day BBQ.  I love that in my head I really do call it that.  Our annual BBQ.  In the 12 years we have lived in this house this one will be our second.  And the first was five years ago.  So you can see where I would get Annual? 


For those of you who haven't met me.  I get a little OCD crazy when it comes to having people over at our house.  Normally I just buzz around like a nutcase (that's where the cray-cray comes from) cleaning like a fanatic and barking out orders to Captain Kid.  Hey, I have a husband and I am allowed to give him as many honey-do's as I see fit.  It's in the marriage agreement.


Now that I am extremely off topic I should tell you that my main goal this week was to get the backyard ready to host said gala.  Gala.  I like the sound of that.  Okay it will now forever be know as the Annual Memorial Day Breakey Gala.  (Bathing suits required.)  And we did.  Get the backyard completed that is.  And it looks great.  But I still haven't pulled up the two overgrown flower beds that need to be redone.  I'm hoping if I hem and haw long enough CK will do it for me.  He has a tendency to take over like that sometimes.  But maybe not.  It didn't work with the jasmine and I tried that for four years.

Boat Grill
We're big grillers.  And since it's just the two of us we use our boat grill most of the time.  It's little and hubs has made a stand so it's convenient.  But I pointed out that if we're having all of these folks over this weekend we need a grill that will accommodate cooking for everyone and not just two people at at time.  After mush research and debate we decided on the grill we wanted.  Okay I decided on the grill I wanted, hubs took one look and vetoed.  Since he is technically the griller in the family I gracefully gave in.  I swear I didn't pout overly long.  

Now, since new grill is put together and the first trial run has been accomplished with outstanding results I have to admit he might have know what he was speaking of when he said it had to be a Weber.  (If you guys tell him I said that I will deny it.  Of course.)

So tonight I will be making my first attempt to grill.  This should be fun.  Stay tuned for how that comes out.  I promise to share tomorrow.

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