Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

Update:  This was scheduled to post Friday.  I think I am blogger challenged.  Either that or I am really stupid.  So I am going with challenged.  

Today my niece Kylie turns three.  Wow, how time flies.  Of course her mom doesn't think so.  She is worn out by this kid.  But she amuses me tremendously.

On Wednesday she went to see Santa.  Here she is with Santa and her daddy.  She refused to sit on Santa's lap for the pic.  Guess she doesn't quite trust the old dude in red.  Yet.  But, she did agree to take the pic as long as her dad came over so she could sit on his lap.

While she was sat on her Dad's lap Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas.  She gave him  her list which I understand took some time.  This kid wants a lot of stuff.

After she was done Santa asked, "Well, have you been naughty or nice this year?" 

Kylie leaned back into her dad and replied, "I have been nice!"

Santa questioned her, "Are you sure?"

Kylie, from the mouth of a three year old, "Uh huh, cause if I'm naughty Mommy will smack my ass."

And my sister in law couldn't understand where that came from. 


Linda G. said...

LOL! So cute.

When my daughter was two, she asked for an American Express card. When we asked her why she wanted that, she said because then she could get anything else she wanted. (Yeah, she was a precocious kid. No, she did not get one.)

abby mumford said...

both of these stories (yours and linda's) are AWESOME.