Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Something to belive in

Normally I am disappointed with the offerings in the way of movies.  Last week if you had asked the last good movie I had seen I would have had to think about it.  And it wouldn't have been a romantic comedy.

This week all of that changed.  I got three good ones in a row.  Okay, they weren't all romcom's, but close.

So just in case your looking for something good to watch here are my recommendations.

1.  Crazy Stupid Love
2.  Friends with Benefits
3.  Super 8

Crazy Stupid Love reminded me of movies of yesteryear.  It has a twist at the end I didn't see coming and I appreciated that.  Friends with Benefits totally showcases Justin Timberlake and his comedic talent.  Mila Kunis wasn't too bad either.  Easily one of my newest favorite RomCom's.  Finally Super 8.  I had no interest in watching this movie, but the Captain convinced me.  Was I glad I did.  The story was fresh, the cast great and there were some one liners in this movie that I snorted over.  That's right, I snorted. 

So if your looking for something great to watch this weekend, here you go.  Have you seen them? Did you like them? 


Linda G. said...

Super 8 is next up in my Netflix queue -- glad to hear it's good!

abby mumford said...

crazy stupid love i really enjoyed! more of ryan reynolds and emma stone, please.

i'll have to check out friends with benefits because i do love me some rom coms.

super 8. isn't it scary? i'll pass.