Friday, December 9, 2011

Giving Thanks!

TGIF and what I am thankful for today.
Christmas Tree in the Living Room 1 of 4

1.  Of course, it's Friday.
2.  I have two great books to read this weekend. (I have to be ready for Book Hungry and the other one I have been waiting for.  Guess which one I am starting with?)
3.  I am going Christmas shopping this weekend to hang with some besties and the best part...all of my shopping is all done. (Insert evil laugh.)
4.  Crisp mornings so I can drink hot tea.
5.  Cool evenings which gives me just one more reason to snuggle with the Captain.
6.  Bacon. (Do I even need to say anymore?)
7.  All the cheesy Christmas shows on Hallmark and Lifetime this weekend.
8.  Wrapped gifts.
9.  Get to make the fudge this weekend.
10.  And last but not's Friday!  (Okay so I used that one twice, but I am sooooo grateful for it that it seemed appropriate.)


cnelady said...

Thanks for the reminder to be thankful!
Sounds like a wonderful Friday.
I am thankful for a larger print Game of Thrones.
I am thankful I have a new buddy for Tink named Pete.

abby mumford said...

all of my christmas shopping is done too. YES! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

i love your tree, by the way.

Linda G. said...

Mmmm. I like #9. :)