Monday, December 19, 2011

My new dirty word.

I am on a diet moratorium until January 1.


Because telling myself I am on a diet has been sabotaging my efforts to continue my weight loss.  I am sure it is that and not the fact I am on in full on make-the-candy mode and have to try everything I make.

In case you didn't know this about me, I take decking the halls very seriously this time of year.  I put lights everywhere.  Inside and out.  I have up four Christmas trees and I'm only counting the ones over three feet.  So, yes- there really are more.

I estimated it and we have about 35 strands of lights up around the house.  I have lights on top of the entertainment center, around the doors, in the trees and even above the cabinets in kitchen.  But we were talking about my weight loss remember?

At the beginning of this month I was still keeping off the fifteen pounds I had shed and was feeling pretty optimistic.  Then the gifts started arriving from friends and neighbors.  I am really big on homemade gifts.  I love them.  To me they say love like no other gift can and I am normally on the receiving end of a lot of home baked gifts.

Last year I made the mistake of announcing I love a particular hazelnut chocolate.  No lie, I think I have received twenty packages of them.  If I didn't like them so much I might have thought to re-gift those, but no such luck guys because these are my favorites.  So I have been sneaking chocolates every chance I get and avoiding the scale at all costs.

In all fairness I don't think my weight has crept up that much maybe a pound or two, because I am keeping tracking of how my clothes feel, but no way are you guys getting any of my hazelnut chocolates.  Sorry.

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