Friday, March 4, 2011

Update: Working from home, it's a good thing.

It's official, I have finished one whole month of working from home.  Can I just say this.  I freaking love it!  In case you missed it, I ended that sentence with an explanation mark.  Just to make sure you understand how happy I am with this arrangement.

So today I am going to share my top five reasons why I love working from home.

1.  No more dress code, unless I want one.
The first couple of days I sat around in my pajama's and slippers.  But that got old really quick.  What I learned is that while I like the choice of not having to dress up, in the end for me to be my most productive self, I have to.  I will admit that I don't go all out and wear the dress clothes, but I do get up and do the hair and make-up.  It puts me in a more professional frame of mind, and that works for me.

2.  No more commuting.
I used to have about a 1.5 hours commute each day, now it's about twenty seconds.  I should admit that I didn't actually hate my commute time.  This is when I would listen to new music and work out plot points for stories in my head.  But-in full disclosure-the drive home would drive me insane, especially toward the end of the week when I was ready for the weekend.  Of course with the cost of gas prices rising, this is win-win for me.

3.  Eating better.  
I swear I am eating better than I ever have.  In fact, I have lost about four pounds this month.  I can have breakfast everyday with my husband if I want.  Not that I do, because he has to be out of the house early every day.  But the point is, I could if I want to.  I eat lunch at home every day, and I have not fallen victim to grazing, thank you very much.  We eat dinner by five every night.  If I forget to pull something out that morning, I still have time during the day.  In the past, if I forgot, I had to scramble for things to make for dinner. 

4.  My new work space.  
I love my home office and the fact that it is set up exactly the way I want it is a bonus.  My workspace is a little warm during the day, what with the server and two machines I have going full time.  This space works for me.  I have a new work station and plenty of space for everything.  

5.  More flexible work hours.
I start work at 7:30 CST.  This means I can roll out of bed at seven and be at work on time with breakfast.  If I have extra work to do in the evenings I don't have to pack up a briefcase, because I can just take a break for dinner and some down time with the hubs before I go back to it.  

What does this all mean for me.  Less stress, and for that I am grateful.  I don't know if this honeymoon period will wear off or not, but check back in and l promise to keep you guys posted.  For the rest of my buds who work from home I would love to hear your take on this.  Share, share!


Candyland said...

Glad you're liking the at-home thing! I, too, am extremely grateful to work from home, though my honeymoon period wore off some time ago. I start at 7 everyday and have to juggle managing my 4yo at the same time.

While it has its own challenges, I hope I never have to leave home to work again.

Anne Gallagher said...

I've been home for 3 years now and do not miss being out in the 'real world' at all.

I agree about getting dressed. It does make a difference. And although I graze, it's always fruit or nuts. I've lost weight too.

On my lunch break, I do laundry. Yay. No more late nights folding clothes.

abby mumford said...

i work in an office, but if i did work from home, i imagine i too would like to have to option to work in PJs, but would choose to get dressed and such because it puts you in the right frame of mind.

glad you and your at home office are enjoying a romantic honeymoon! may it last for a very long time.

Karla Nellenbach said...

i'd love to be able to work in my pjs. that would be the dream...hopefully someday:)

Michele said...

Sweet deal! Glad you are liking it. Not everyone can be productive at home, but if you can, the perks are awesome.

Patty Blount said...

I'm jealous. Even with the fancy new desk, there is still no place for me to really spread out when I work from home. I use the dining room table.

I worked from home Monday to have the quiet needed to narrate some product videos I'm working on. I ache all over because the house just doesn't work for well, work.

But I love not having to commute, especially in bad weather. Gas hit $3.60 a gallon here. Hoping they'll let us work from home regularly as the prices climb again.

Linda G. said...

Sounds like the ideal situation for you -- I'm glad it's working out so well. :)

Jeffe Kennedy said...

Great that you're liking it!