Friday, March 11, 2011

The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award

Back in November @slverant awarded me with the Gold Framed Dog Blog Award.  As you can see I have been very remiss in sending a thank-you her way and passing this award on.  

When she bequeathed it to me there were no rules that said I had to tell you guys about myself in order to pass it on.  But in the spirit of blog awards I am going to share, this being award season and all.  Why should Hollywood get to have all the fun?  I am going to share five things about me you didn't know regarding blogging.

1.  I blog because I can and I still haven't figured out what purpose I want it to serve.  Right now, it's just a place for me to say the things I want to say about anything I want to talk about.  I am hoping to find a direction that feels right, eventually.  Until I do, well you guys just get this.

2.  I redesigned my blog at the six month point and I hate it.  Okay, I don't hate it.  I just don't love it.  I wanted it to be like no one else's and while it is, I just don't love it.  In fact, I have been toying with setting it back the way it was originally.

3.  My goal is to blog daily, Monday through Friday, but sometimes I have a hard time doing it because of life and work.  And when I don't I feel guilty.  

4.  I started blogging because I was intrigued by it.  I had done a blog for my sister-in-law while she was pregnant with our nephew Ryan.  I wanted to have something that was interactive and something that I could turn into a book after he was born for a keepsake and I thought a blog was a good idea.  She was able to keep the entire family up-to-date during the pregnancy without having to make hundreds of phone calls and e-mails.  It turned out really well.

5.  I am passing this award on today to five blogs.  I am doing five because that's how many @slverant gave it to when she passed it on to me.  So check them out.

1.  Lenny's World  He is one of my fav's because he is always dishing out great advice for writers.  
2.  Crazy Writer Girl  This new intern to the agents has been sharing boat-loads of great writing advice and besides that she just plain cracks me up with her tweets.
3.  Life with the Campbell's  No body shoots as straight as this lady.  Read her blog and be prepared to be entertained.  Promise.
4.  Visiting Reality  Some may say her view is warped, I don't think so.  I think she sees clearly and everyone else is just a little behind.  
5.  The Misadventures in Candyland  Because she is the shizz.  And I mean that in the nicest way possible.  Plus she introduced me to New Medicine.  Really?  Do I need to say anymore?

And one final one before I go.  Because I can!

6.  The Last Word  My Fun and Games co-conspirator.  When she is not sharing snips of her brilliant writing.  (Mark my words she will be a famous writer soon.) or volley with me weekly in our F&G segments this blog is known for giving good reviews on books.  She plows through manuscripts the way my lawn mower plows through grass.  Quick and efficiently.  Check her out.

And to all the winners.  You don't have to pass this on.  You don't have to tell us anything.  Just know your blogs are some of the best I read daily and I just wanted everyone else to know.

Know of a blog I should be reading.  Tell me about it.


Candyland said...

Aw thanks:) It's been a while since anyone has given me an award. Made my morning!

Linda G. said...

Hey, thanks! But I'm pretty sure my view IS warped. Still, everybody else should get with the program and catch up, because warped can be fun. ;)

abby mumford said...

yay for all the blog love!

Karla Nellenbach said...

yay! i got an honorable mention! thanks for the award! :)

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss kelly! hooray for that cool award! wow i was liking reading your post and knowing more stuff about you and whamo i got a big surprize that im one of the ones your passing that award to. wow! big thanks for that and for saying such a nice thing bout me. i just did a essay for school bout blogging and that number 1 where you said's just a place for me to say the things I want to say about anything I want to talk about." is just what i said is so cool bout blogging. :)
...big hugs from lenny