Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Hungry: Natural Born Charmer

This months Book Hungry Club pick was mine.  So to say I love this book would be putting it mildly.  Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one of my all time favorite reads.  I have read this book so many time I can practically recite it word for word.

Here is the book description:

Chicago Stars Series Book #7

It wasn't every day a guy saw a headless beaver marching down the side of a road, not even in Chicago Stars quarterback Dean Robillard's larger-than-life world. She was definitely a girl beaver because her beaver head was missing, revealing sweaty, dark hair pulled into a scraggly ponytail. He'd been praying for a little distraction from his own depressing company, so he threw open the door and stepped out onto the shoulder of the Colorado road ... The unforgettable love story of a golden boy who might be losing his luster and a spirited woman who's learned never to depend on anyone but herself. 

Okay so it's way more of a read than what they lead you to believe here, but if I were to tell you all about it, well, where would the fun be in that.  Suffice it to say, Dean and Blue aren't the only charming characters in this book.  We get to meet Deans parents who are a pretty good story all by themselves, plus Dean's little sister Riley, who forces this family to become one for the very first time.  There is also a wicked witch in this cast who turns out to be pretty unforgettable herself.

If you have never read any of SEP's book, this is a good place to start.  If you have read her before...well there really isn't too much left for me to say.  Okay-there is.  GO and READ THIS BOOK!

And like always, for one lucky reader you can get a chance to win your very own copy of this book.  All you have to do is be a follower of this blog and leave a message.  If one of my BHC sister's don't own their own copy and want to be in the drawing, make sure you say so in the comments.  See how easy it is to win a great book here.  

So tell me, have your read it? 


Karla Nellenbach said...

I have read it! (what I have not read is the next installment of F&G #justsaying)

While I may not have loved it like you obviously do, I liked this well enough to try one of SEP's other books (CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE or SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE...something like that...i ordered it and will read when it arrives in my mailbox. i'll let you know how it goes)

Linda G. said...

Not only read it, but loved it too. Then again, that's a safe be with me and SEP. Her style suits me -- witty dialogue, funny situations, steamy relationships...yup, pretty much like all of that.

Patty Blount said...

I didn't realize there's a Chicago Stars series. I'll definitely check out more of SEP's books.

abby mumford said...

i, too, have obviously read (and enjoyed) this book. and i kind of love that there are more books about dean's teammates. i'm definitely adding those SEP books to my TBR list.

thanks again for introducing me to the wit and charm of SEP.