Friday, March 25, 2011

First Stop...St. Thomas

One of the first ports we stopped at during our vacation was St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.  To say it was spectacular to watch the glide into port is an understatement.  The Captain and I were up at first light because we had been to sea for two days and while I enjoyed being on the boat-there were plenty of things to keep us busy-I refer you to yesterday's post where you can see the Captain mastering the barrel roll on the flow rider, we were both pretty excited to see land.

So without further ado let me share some memories.

This is the view we had as we arrived.  We got to watch the sun come up over the island.  I get all fluttery inside when I remember how we stood on the bow of the boat and watched that orange glow rise.  It was so romantic and made even more special by the fact that the evening before we had celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

In the morning as everyone was rushing to be the first ones off the boat we decided to take our time.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then a stroll on the deck so we could take these pictures of us finally making it into port.  The first one was the view of the bay. 

Pretty spectacular.  When we win the PowerBall jackpot tonight we may have to go back there and purchase a winter home.  Don't worry, you're all invited to come visit.

Next, this is the picture of the baby boats we encountered in the harbor.  So small. 

I also got this picture of all of the visitors that flock to the island during the winter and vacation on their boats.  What a way to live, right?  The harbor to the east was dotted with these bobbing sail boats.
We had an excursion planned.  Well, not really an excursion.  We scheduled a speed boat ride for around 11:00 am.  Since we had plenty of time until our ride, the Captain decided to get his Kid on and hit the flow rider.  With everyone debarking, he had it all to himself.  

Yes he is a natural.
Everyone, and I mean everyone, tried to get me to take a chance on it.  Maybe if there had been money involved, but nope, I didn't do it.  Laying in the sun and reading was the most exercise I was planning on getting on this vacation.

And finally here is the view of the island as we departed that night.  We were wind burned, exhausted and excited to see what lay ahead for us.

 Go ahead, tell me how great it looked.  I am whimpering as I sit here getting this post ready, because I am so ready to be back there.

There was another cruise ship in with us.  Her is a picture of that boat as we left.

I want to go back.


Patty Blount said...

I so wish i could do this someday but I'm freakin' terrified! I suffer from horrible motion sickness. I get sick on swings, even watching TV of motion.

Sounds like you had a fantastic time !

Linda G. said...

I don't blame you for wanting to go back -- those pics are SO gorgeous!!

abby mumford said...

your pictures are so beautiful i think i want to go back and i've never even been there.