Friday, May 6, 2011

Remebering....and feeling grateful

Today I find myself feeling grateful for the little things.

This weekend we are celebrating mother's day and the one person who was the most influential in my life.  The "mom" I had growing up is no longer here with me.  

When I was a kid I went to live with my Grandmother.  She was a spitfire.  All five feet of her.  She didn't put up with my crap.  Truthfully I wasn't a bad kid, just a moody one.  Hey, I was a teenager.  But we managed to cross that generation gap and co-exist peacefully until I left at eighteen for the Navy.

She was there for every major thing that ever happened in my life.  First boyfriend.  First heart break.  Winning the History Fair. (Okay, I was a geek.) Graduation. Joining the Navy.  Graduating bootcamp.  Graduating A School.

I was one of the lucky ones.  

F&G with K&K will be on a little hiatus.  Karla's just lost her grandmother.  And while we have appreciated everyone's support of our story, she needs to take some time to spend with her family getting through this.  We should be back soon, but in the meantime keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

And just know I am not the one keeping every one from finding out what really happened at the party!

Just saying.  (Yes this is me throwing her under the bus.  I really am a good friend.)


Linda G. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Karla's grandmother. While I'll miss my F & G fixes, I understand.

Karla, if you're reading this, I'm sending you a big hug, and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Candyland said...

Oh no:( Also sending hugs and prayers. My Gram is my everything, so I feel for Karla.