Monday, May 23, 2011

Reading: It does the body good.

I spent my weekend studying. 

There are just some authors, no matter what the title, if they write it; I buy it.

Recently I found a new one.  I love her style.

She has about twenty books that I haven't read.  So yesterday I spent the day lazing around and just reading.  Of course as a writer, I tell myself I am not just doing this just for enjoyment, I am doing it to learn.  I find myself studying styles, word usage, character conflict and resolution.  I finished three of her books yesterday alone.

And it makes it easier for me to while a whole day away doing nothing more than reading if I feel like I am getting something out of it besides just a good story.  Work with me here people, I do know how ridiculous it sounds.  I live in my own head, don't I?  This is just one example of the crazy mind games I like to play with myself.  It's either that or I spend the next three days feeling guilty because nothing got done around the house.

Don't judge; it works for me.

Recently, I find I am especially interested in how people write their characters out of sticky situations.  Mine seem to be really good at getting themselves into these problem areas, but not great on resolutions.  And it bugs me.  So I study.  See?

So that was how I spent my Sunday, what did you do?


Linda G. said...

You call it "studying" -- I call it "research." For much the same reason -- guilt-free reading. :)

Karla Nellenbach said...

yes, studying/research is truly essential to a writer. I tell people that all the time when they ask how i can read so much.

btw, who is this writer that so thoroughly enthralled you? do share :)