Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taking it to the blog

Recently something happened to me personally and I am unsure how to respond to it.

It has nothing to do with writing or my aspirations as an author.  

It has nothing to do with anything frivolous (at least not to me).

But I am finding myself unsure I can be one of those people who takes everything to her blog.  I would love to get some insight into the problem, but it does not effect me alone.  If others where to read it, they may be upset with the notion that I had even discussed it outside of the "family".

I guess my question today is this; when you have a problem and you don't know where to turn for help do you put it out there for the masses?  

I ask the question because I am also questioning my desire for vindication.  Do I want to be right because I am or do I just want to be right?  

Good news: you never stop growing up.  Bad news: sometimes you still don't like the answers.


Patty Blount said...

That depends on so many factors - what sort of problem? WHat's your comfort level? Sometimes, the act of writing feels solitary so it's easy to fool ourselves into believing the internet is private.

Consider whether you'd be comfortable discussing the issue at a backyard barbecue or around the water cooler at the office. Or taking out a full page ad in your newspaper.

Because that's what a blog is.

I made this mistake with a very personal situation and I later deleted that post from my blog.

My advice? Take it to trusted friends first.

Linda G. said...

If it involves anyone's privacy but my own, I tend to be very cautious about what I share online. I either get permission first, or I disguise it in some way that even the people I'm referring to wouldn't recognize themselves.

Jamie D. said...

In situations like that, I tend to opt for emailing good online buddies instead. Not *everything* has to be public...and the people I really wanted to hear from on the subject will be just as helpful via email as they would have been in my blog comments. :-)

Candyland said...

Meh...I think it depends on how comfortable you are sharing something of a personal nature. I do it, sometimes, but I'm more open online than in life. It's like a release. Some people are the opposite and keep it off the net.