Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes Faking it is good. Right?

So last night I was sitting here to doing my online research to the far off places that we will be visiting when we go on our cruise.  To say I am excited is the understatement of the century.  I freakin can't wait.

For those of you who aren't completely Kellyfied yet, we will be celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary while on this trip.  Again, let me mention I AM excited?  

I was sitting here tonight thinking that maybe I should do something special for the Captain while we are on the cruise.  Since they have romance packages I thought I would check those out.  Wow!  That is all I can say.  For a bottle of champagne and some rose petals that will be $265.00.  

Hello!  I love him, but not that much.  Okay, that is a total lie.  I would totally spend that much money, but then I think about the excursion that could pay for, or an amazing dinner, or something equally as awesome.  Barring all that, I think about his face when he sees the cost for said champagne and rose petals.

So here is my question.  Wal-mart sells the fake rose petals in their party supply area.  How tacky do you think it would be for me to buy my own and take them with me?  I could discreetly excuse myself to run back to our state-room (I love saying state-room) to get it ready before dinner.  We are planning on having drinks in the special lounge they have for returning passengers before hand.  (I know, right?  We are pretty special.  It's such a shame I can't remember the name of said lounge.  I was going to google it but felt that would be cheating, then laughed like a loon, like you guys would even know.)

Okay, so tell me what you think.  Go with fake or dole out the dough?

Come on, I can take it.


abby mumford said...

i say for $5.99, go with the fake petals and save the dough for a proper dinner. you know, a whole meal of food, not just the bottle of bubbly.

have fun!

Candyland said...

Go for FAKE. Seriously. I would do it.

Linda G. said...

Hey, if the Captain is anything like my husband, he will appreciate the sentiment behind going with the fake petals & spending the moolah elsewhere. I say go for it!

Jeffe Kennedy said...

did you check to see if the cruise ship has a florist shop? many do - you could buy a single rose and tear off the petals to accomplish the same thing, with the added sensuality of the scent and feel.