Monday, February 28, 2011

Flick your Bic for me

It's official...I have a problem.

I'm a learning junkie.

Friday I met my deadline.  I would love to say just barely, but that would be untrue.  I finished the last exam around 2:00pm.  Which was just a little under two hours of just barely.  It felt as if the weight of the world was lifted from shoulders.  And I did really well, too.  Finished with a final grade of 98.8%.  Yes, I'll wait while you clap.  

So Friday evening as I was sitting in front of the TV zoning out, because I had totally earned an evening of doing nothing but zoning...I started to surf the Internet for the next thing I can learn about.  Seriously people, what is my problem?  I have just finished the bulk of the work on this last endeavor, but still have to take the test that will certify me.  (I am hoping to have that done before the end of the month.)  

The ink hasn't even been applied to that certification yet, and I am already looking for the next.  

I feel like one of  those people in those commercials from when I was a kid about addiction.  Standing there, holding up a candle and introducing themselves and telling you their problem.  "Hello, my name is Kelly and I am a learning-a-holic."  

Is there a twelve step process for this? My office is littered with the completion certificates from so many different types of courses I have taken over the years.  Some costing, some not.  When I wanted to learn to crochet beyond the basics...I took a course.  When I wanted to learn to bake, I took a course.  When I wanted to learn photography, I took a course.  When I wanted to learn how to decorate...okay, I watched HGTV...but I learned.  

You see the pattern here.  So what's next for me?  I am going to finish up the course on being a travel agent.  I have decided I really want to find out if I can cruise for 50% off the advertised rates.  I promise to let you know how that one turns out. 


abby mumford said...

the problem with the world is that it's too darn interesting! you seem to be taking advantage of all that there is to learn and do and so i say LEARN ON, SISTA. and if you can find me a week at an all-inclusive beach resort for under $400, i'm sold!

congrats on finishing this deadline. onwards to the next.

Linda G. said...

Heck, for that you get a standing ovation! *applause*

There are good addictions and bad addictions. I think yours falls under "good." :)