Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missing my social interaction....

I am falling behind on everything lately.  Remember back when I said I was a superhero.  Well it seems-at least for the time being-I have misplaced my cape.

Working from home has been absolutely fabulous.  I didn't know I would enjoy it this much.  My stress levels have dropped considerably since I am no longer responsible for maintaining an office.  I no longer have that 1.5 hour drive to and from, that I made everyday.  More time for me to be productive.

I am eating better since I have more control of what I end and when.  No more rushing to a drive-through for lunch.  No grazing, even though I was warned it could happen.  I spend more quality time with my computer than ever before.

I can watch One Tree Hill at lunch and not subject the Captain to this it-used-to-be-good-but-is-now-limping-out-of-its-last-season substandard television.  They did a show where Brooke got to be a superhero, but now I am just digressing (has anyone noticed that I really like the word digress, I know Karla did.  She is itching to make comments on that jumble, believe you me. 

But that isn't what I was originally trying to tell you guys.  I have been slaving away at school work, trying to get this course completed.  Yes there is a deadline and yes it is quickly approaching and you would think with all of my organizational skills I would be so much closer to being done.  I have no excuse-okay maybe a lame one-and now it is all catching up with me.  

So the reason for today's post is to apologize to all of my friends and the blogs I have been missing.  I promise to hit them once this crazy next couple of weeks are over, but until then, I may be a little bit MIA.  To my twitter tribe...I miss you guys.  To my facebook friends...well, I only remember to stop by there at 2 in the morning, and it's not like anyone is ever up when I do except Patrick.  

What was I talking about?  Oh, yeah right.  So if I miss making a comment, I am still stopping by, but not taking so much time to interact.  Hopefully this will all be over soon and I will be back to my socializing self. 


Karla Nellenbach said...

no apologies necessary. you've been a busy bee, but we all look forward to the day when you can breathe easier and come out and play with us :)

abby mumford said...

this school work is a mystery to me. what class are you taking???

and yes, we'll be here waiting for your imminent return. can't wait!

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss kelly! it ok cause it just real important to take good care of YOU! for sure i miss you but im just real happy youre gonna be back when you get that school stuff all done. i could know bout that schools stuff for sure. ack! :)
...hugs from lenny

Linda G. said...

Hope things settle down for you soon, Kelly -- I miss seeing your smiling pixels all over the interwebz. :)

LReneeS said...

Miss you Kelly! But I totally understand; I've been getting really busy too. Hope everything calms down soon for you, my dear. Have a lovely weekend. We all miss you! *hugs*