Monday, January 24, 2011

Progressive is another word for bi-focal

Recently I noticed that my glasses haven't really been helping. 

I mean, I was using them less and less.  But I wasn't seeing any better.  In fact I was having a hard time seeing smaller print close up while my long distance vision seemed to be improving.  This really sucked for reading.

Finally I bit the bullet and went to the eye doctor this weekend.  I should preface all of this by telling you that I have worn glasses since I was in first grade, when it was discovered I had a lazy eye.  Can I just say that this is the worst name for an eye problem I have ever heard.  The solution was to have me wear a patch over my good eye in the hopes of stregtening my bad one.  

Yeah, that didn't work.  Not because the concept wasn't a good one.  Mainly it didn't work because I removed the patch every morning before I made it to the bus stop and put it back on every afternoon before  walking in to the house.  Yes, I was young, but even then I got that the one-eyed pirate look wasn't going to be very good for me.  Well it might have been, if I had a cool black patch to wear over that eye.  But, atlas, that was not the case.  Nope, they had me wear one of those flesh toned ones that made me look like a refugee from a third world country.

This weekend my doctor, who I have always perceived to be a good one, told me my eyes are completely healthy but my lenses are getting harder.  He also told me I should not be surprised as this is what happens as we age.  Did he just call me old?  Them's fighting words Doc!

His solution.  Progressive lenses.  Now, for all of you young people out there who don't have to wear progressive lenses and have no idea what I am speaking of.  Think your Grandma's bifocals, just updated.  Seriously?  I needed bifocals?  Yeah, I get it.  They slap a new name on it because, okay, they are a better type of lense.  But it still has the same result.  The ability to drive home that I really am getting older.

In the end?  I opted for readers and not the old folks glasses.  My doc, he clearly didn't agree, but then again, he didn't have to pay for them.  Once it was all said and done, my new readers and the eye exam ended up costing just less than my last car.  Of course it wasn't until after I was on my way home that I realized I could have just gotten myself a pair of cheaters at the local Wal-Mart for $7.00 and accomplished the same thing.  I consoled myself with the thought that no one can get seven dollar cheaters that are as stylish as mine.  Nope, your right, it didn't make me feel any better.

On the bright side.  I don't need them to see things at a distance.  The best part.  I can see clearly for computer work and reading.  Two of my very favorite things.  Now I want to know if this has happened to you guys?  Something made you feel less young recently?  

And when you are done over here, don't forget to swing over to Karla's blog today.  She has a bonus clip up of Fun and Games this week.  Check it out.


Anne Gallagher said...

I had an astigmatism all my life and wore the most outrageous glasses forever. (Gotta love Sally Jesse Raphael for that!) Then last year the doc told me I needed bifocals. Yeah, the grandma kind - no progressive lenses for me. But I am old now, so I guess it fits. I'm even thinking of getting one of those chains the old ladies wear so they can hang their glasses around their necks.

abby mumford said...

i pretty much only wear glasses when looking at the computer, which means i leave them at work. imagine my angst when in the middle of a full weekend of writing, i realized my glasses were at work. i soldiered on, but i have a few more wrinkles around the eyes from all that squinting.

Jeannie Moon said...

Oh, my eyes are getting worse by the day. I had really good vision until about 5 years ago, then...WHAM! The only thing I can comfortably do without glasses is drive and watch TV or a movie.

I feel your pain. But I love the classes. Most stylish. :-)

Linda G. said...

I LOVE my progressives. But you're right -- they are expensive. Hope I won't have to replace them anytime soon.

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

I recently had my annual eye exam. I made a comment that one of these days I would bite the bullet and get lasik surgery. My eye doctor told me there was no point. He said at my age, I would only be trading one set of glasses for another. He's amazed I don't need reading glasses yet. No, I did not like being called old, either! ;) But I guess I appreciated his honesty, and saving me $$$. LOL

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Ooh, Kelly, those glasses are adorable!

And since I DID just get Lasik done, I can't really comment about spending insane amounts of money at the eye doctor. On the bright side, I can now see EVERYTHING, both near (not a problem before) and far (categorized as everything more than a foot away-totally a problem before). But again, it was a slight more intensive experience than I would've expected, and it took three months to fully heal. So, you know, trade offs. Of course, I now have 20/15 vision in both eyes. 20/10 if I squint slightly.

That said, I did throw my hip out and have been limping a little. Even though I'm 28, and not 88. I also got annoyed at some kids on my lawn. So there's that. :)

Lucy said...
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