Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How I use my Powers for Good.

On Monday I blogged about significant others and the role they may or may not play in your writing. 

It led me down another road of discussion with my own hubs.  As I already said, he does not read what I write.  Reading is just not his thing.  But we do discuss daily the topics of conversation that may or may not appear on twitter.  What I blogged about and any comments that may have been made and he will inquire to my word count.  Currently he is continually asking me about the status of Fun and Games.  

For those of you who don't know, that is the weekly round robin project I am currently working on with my twitter bud, Karla Nellenback.  We each take turns posting a weekly snippet about our two characters Harper and Grace.  By the way, her installment is up today, so check it out.  We are currently into week nine and it is going like gangbusters.

No, he is not interested in YA fiction, but he is interested in me.  He likes to keep on top of how many words I have completed and sometimes he even gives me great topic ideas for my blog, like the one from Monday.  

It got me to thinking about other ways he does support and encourage me and not just in my writing.  I am a avid photographer and videographer too.  I read voraciously, I crochet and knit and I love to cook.  Creativity is essential to me.

Two years ago, when our niece Kylie was on the way, my sister-in-law asked that in lieu of cards for her baby shower, books be brought instead.  I had commented to him (the Captain) that I had no idea what kinds of story books you would buy for a new born and he came back and said, why don't you write her a story and make her a book.

It was a great idea and 'Welcome to the World Baby Girl' was born.  I sketched out an idea and used pictures that I photo shopped from the family to tell the story of how Kylie came to be.  It was in a poem format and not overly long.  She came into the world on December 2, 2009 and I was able to use some of the pics from her birth to incorporate into the story too.  On Christmas day of that same year I presented her parents with the book.  Yes, I did self publish.

Now, two years later it still remains one of their favorite gifts.  Kylie also understands the book is about her.  I don't know if its because they point to the pictures and say, "Baby Kylie", after all she is two.  But she recognizes the people in the pictures and that's all that matters.

That's what he has done for me.  Remind me that how I express myself creatively does matter and it can affect the people around me, especially the ones I love when I use my powers for good.  So to all of you out there who think your art doesn't matter, I am here to tell you, yes it does.

Besides writing, how else do you guys use your powers for good?


Samantha Vérant said...

I love cooking, supporting my friends and family, making people laugh...

Yes, I love making people laugh!

Candyland said...

I think art in general has amazing healing and connection powers. I don't just write, but used to sing and did a telethon once to raise money for sick children.

Linda G. said...

Sounds like you and the Captain are soul mates. :)

That is an absolutely marvelous idea for a baby gift! I know Kylie will treasure it forever.

Jeannie Moon said...

"Art and literature are the soul of history." That's the lesson I've always tried to impart on my own children and my students.

History, what has happened with humans over millenia, is a collection of events. Profound events, yes, but the art and the literature produced during a tumultuous time gives those who come after a link to the activities and the hearts of the people who came before.

abby mumford said...

what a fun gift idea. i might have to borrow it for next christmas!

Lola Sharp said...

Love that idea...and this post.

And I love supportive husbands. (mine is awesome and he edits my writing for me. He's my first reader and brilliant and supportive.)


Jan Rider Newman said...

I did something similar when our granddaughter was on the way. I collected photos and comments from everyone close to my son and DIL and self-pubbed it for them. It's so easy to let people know you care about them. Just pick up the phone, or send a card or email. The little things always mean more to me.

LReneeS said...

Great post, Kelly.

Besides writing, I love being around my friends, family, and just the people I love. My best friend is one of the funniest people I know and since she helps me so much with everyday stuff I go through I just enjoy saying stuff to make her smile and make her laugh.
I also keep in contact with my writing friends, whether it be via email or via blogger. Me and four others have even started a book together and it's been life changing.

P.S. Adorable gift idea