Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Okay here is a sneak peak of  "It's Always Been You."

Chapter One

IT was a pretty shitty day for a funeral.

Or at least it should be.  How the hell was she supposed to stand at a graveside and say goodbye to Sophie with the sun shining.  Shaking her head in disgust, she turned her eyes up toward the cerulean blue sky and wondered why she couldn't get a roiling black one spitting rain when she needed it?

Sighing, she tried to concentrate on the words the pastor was saying, but his lips seemed to be moving in slow motion.  In fact everything around her seemed to be moving in slow motion.  Had it only been three days since her life had so completely changed? 

Looking across the casket she took in the family picture that included Seth, Sean and Brenna.  Sophie's family.  How were they going to live without her?  How were they supposed to get up everyday knowing they were never going to see her again.

Seth lifted his head and looked directly at Shea and suddenly she was grateful for the sun which had forced her to wear the dark sunglasses.  Sunglasses that she had only donned to help her red rimmed pained eyes and maybe hide her guilt. 

Guilt that she was alive and Sophie wasn't.
Suddenly a small hand found it's way into hers and Shea looked down to find four year old Sean looking up at her with eyes mirroring her own pain.  Feeling her heart pinch, she leaned over and scooped him up into a tight hug.

How was she ever going to leave them?  God it was so unfair, but she didn't have a choice.  She really never had.

SIX hours later Shea was moving through the house that Sophie had been so proud to call home.  Picking up the cups and plates that littered every surface, she found her first smile of the day.  Sophie would have been so pleased with the turnout, knowing all of those people had come to pay their respects.

It seemed as if everyone in the whole town had shown up in their best marrying and burying attire.  They had come under the guise of saying goodbye to Sophie, but Shea suspected the majority of them wanted to see the new widower up close and personal.  

It had been one of the hardest days she had ever lived through, but she was fiercely glad she had been here.  For the kids.  For Seth.  

"Hey." Seth said softly from the stairs.
Facing him she prayed for inspiration on how to break the news.  "Are they down for the night?"  It would be so easy.  To stay and fall into the routine of acting like a matched set. 

Showing her a small smile, the one that had just recently made her heart take flight, he nodded.  "Brenna fought it until the very last second, but eventually she lost the fight."

Making their way into the kitchen Shea deposited the paper products she had collected into the trash can.  Closing her eyes for a moment, she silently sighed and turned.  Before she could find the words, he shook his head and said, "I know."

And in that moment as she looked into the eyes of her best friend from childhood she knew that he did.  He already knew she was leaving and probably even the why of it too.  It didn't matter that her plans had been made before the accident.  She still had to go.  

In that moment she realized that today hadn't been her hardest day after all.  That one was still to come.

Okay that's it.  All of the tease you guys are going to get today.  I am not even sure how I feel about showing this and between now and when this is supposed to post I may still change my mind.  

Okay, I am not going to change my mind.  I made a promise and here I am following through, so tell me what you think. 


Linda G. said...

Yay, you! You did it! I'm so proud. *beams*

And, wow--I like it! I'm totally intrigued. There's obviously something between Seth and Shea, and I'm already dying to find out what it is. Good hook. :)

Great first line, too.

Heavens, I don't know what you were so worried about. That wasn't so hard, was it? :)

Karla Nellenbach said...

I honestly don't know why you were so worried. This is GREAT! I am so intrigued as to how Brenna died and where Shea is going. I can already see how she longed for Seth even before Brenna died and knew she could never have him. MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Patty Blount said...

You can't see me but I am on my feet, fingers stuck in my mouth, letting out a loud (or trying to) whistle!

You did it. Well, I'm not surprised. Knew that you could.

I would like to read more. You hooked me, you made me care what happens to Shea, to Seth, to little Sean. Isn't that the point?

*claps and beams proudly*

Jeannie Moon said...

Please tell me why you are hesitant to share? This is fabulous. I'm hooked. I know it's hard, but you need to have faith in yourself. You're like the kid in school who worries about failing a test and then gets 100's. Well done. Love it. More please.

abby mumford said...

i agree with everyone else. you had zero reason to be worried because this is really interesting and i can't wait to read more.

A. S. Boudreau said...

I want more already. I am hooked!

Laura Pauling said...

I think it's great. I love the hint of mystery of her guilt and where is she going and there seems to be more between her and Seth. Hooked.Good job!

Candyland said...

You DID IT!!!!!

I LOVE the first line! And I'm a sucker for funerals, as weird as that sounds (I mean, in stories). This is great. I don't know why you were such a scary cat :)

Jessica Lemmon said...


Kelly - this is AWESOME! Thanks so much for being brave enough to share.