Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be Brave, or just fake it!

A recap:  On Friday I launched a book giveaway.  Check it out here and make sure you leave a comment and follow my blog to enter.  I will be announcing the winner this Friday.  So check it out.

I am always amazed at the posts that resonate the most with my blog readers.

I giggled a little bit when I wrote that.  I have blog readers.  I feel so special.

On the days when I am really fired up and have something that I think the masses want to hear I get a smattering of comments.  And don't get me wrong, I appreciate each and every one of them.  On the days where I am not trying to be funny but sending out something, anything into the vast cosmic void that is my blog site, things to which I think none of you dear readers could care anything about, I get the most responses.  

I am amazed and to a certain extent it amazes me that I can still be amazed by these thoughts that I have.  I think that is the thought progression that eventually got me going on the whole should I show my stuff after all.  If you guys don't respond to the stuff that I think you are going to respond too than how can I be sure I am any good after all?    Yes I am quite aware I am writing myself in circles now.  Welcome to the daily grind that is also known as my thought process.

Hello Kelly's Thought Process.   Are you waving to me right now?
After the all of the great responses I got yesterday I have decided that I am going to put my stuff out there for your feedback.  That's right I am aiming to let it all hang out.  Okay, I am going to try.  I said TRY!  Try to work up the nerve to post something next Tuesday.  I picked Tuesday because it is a good day for Teasers according to my good friend Karla Nellenbach over at her blog LastWord

She likes to tease us with little snippets and then stop writing said work in progress so I have to wonder about the cast of characters for months on end before I am forced to finish the story in my own mind just for closure sake.  (Okay I will get off my soapbox.  Karla finish the damn story already!) 

So come back next week and see if I don't puss out and strap some lame ass video up there instead.  Keep your fingers crossed for me okay.  Or anything else for that matter that you may be able to cross.  
Also any words of encouragement would work right about now.  Because since I am saying it today I am really going to try and put myself out there but I am not going to lie, I could totally puss out.

Just saying!


Linda G. said...

You can do it! *\o/* *\o/* (Those are cheerleaders.)

Patty Blount said...

Yay, Kelly! You can do it! (oh, God, I am channeling bad Adam Sanders movies now.)

Writers are an awesome bunch, as you know. The occasional snark and shark, but no Simon Cowells!

Karla Nellenbach said...

YAY!!! I CANNOT wait for next Tuesday. And, I'm going to ignore those comments about my ADHD writing tendencies. I'll have you know that my current WiP (the one that kicked Dallas, Jenna, and Austin to the curb) is coming along quite well. So there. *sticks out tongue*

Sidenote: Linda's comment had me a little scared at first. I'm glad she told us those things were cheerleaders. I was really confused and more than a little frightened for a moment there ;)

abby mumford said...

i agree with the ladies above. it's going to be great. and i can't stop laughing at linda's cheerleaders. with support like that, how can you NOT post your work?

is it next tuesday yet?

Candyland said... can TOTALLY do it! I believe.

Laura Pauling said...

It is amazing that the blog posts we don't think much about end up being the most popular. I wonder if that would work with story ideas too? Hmm.

And yes, share! Be bold!

Alyson Peterson said...

Don't puss out. Be brave woman!

Jessica Lemmon said...

YOU CAN DO IT, KELLY!!! And, to quote Yoda, "there is no TRY, only DO."

I feel the same way as you do about the followers. And, I have 40 too and so do you (at this very exact moment...) but I am following myself on my blog, so that might not count.

I'll be back on TUESDAY. O_O


Kelly Breakey said...

I love the comments you guys guys are so great about the support you offer on a regular basis. Okay that being said

Linda: OMG I am so glad you explained what they were cuz I was confused, but I know I can always count on you to cheer me on.

Patty: Adam is so much that you don't have a penis way. You know?

Karla: Didn't your mother teach you that it is not nice to stick your tongue out?

Abby: I know...Linda is the bomb. At least that is what I thought those were to begin with.

Candy: Dudette...I am getting psyched!

Laura: Now I have something else to ponder. Thank you.

Alyson: Do you have your smelling salts? I may need them. Also, I may still puss out. Just saying.

Jessica: I love Yoda and you are right there is no try, and besides how will I know right?

Come back and see me again real soon ladies, I always love it when you guys straighten me out!