Monday, September 27, 2010

New Music...New Medicine

A couple of weeks ago I won my very first blog contest.  

It was even more exciting since I had never won anything before.

My prize?  A New Medicine CD along with a poster.

New Medicine?  Hmmm??? I had never heard of them.  No worries, I am a music lover.  I still know all of the songs from the soundtrack Seven Brides for Seven Brothers along with Singing in the Rain.  When I was a teenager my Barbara Streisand and Barry Manilow cassettes (they were cheaper than vinyl) sat right up against my Def Leppard, Cyndi Lauper and Rick Astley.
As I have gotten older my music collections has only become more uncontrollable and diverse.  I love everything from country and jazz to hip-hop and ska.  I am fascinated by the talent it takes to not only dream up music but to put lyrics to it as well.

I guess it's not so different when you write stories.  For me they are just there.  Now I am a plotter through and through and wear my "Team Plotter" shirt proudly, but when a story starts the ideas and conflicts are just there for me in my head.  I can see the characters and hear them as they speak to each other and ultimately to me.

Anyway, since I was jamming to New Medicine on Friday as I partook of the twitter #wineparty which is seems is fast becoming a tradition, I decided that today's post should pay homage to my first blogger contest win and thank Candy.  You can check her out for yourself over at her blog The Misadventures of Candyland and you can also find her here @candylandgang on twitter.

So thanks Candy for my New Medicine CD and poster even if it is addressed to you.  In your honor, and because I am such a huge @Candylandgang fan I hung it up too.  It resides in a place of honor right next to my desk as you can see by the pictures I have attached here.  
So what is the best thing you ever won in a contest?  Tell me, I am dying to know.


Linda G. said...

Well, I just won an ear of seed corn from @ASBoudreau in her blog contest (also, an as-yet unnamed quirky book & a photograph of something "corny"). That's pretty cool.

Karla Nellenbach said...

I recently one autographed copies of THE SUMMONING by Kelley Armstrong and SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson. I love winning contests, but especially when the prizes are books :) Congrats on your recent win!

Laura Pauling said...

I'd have to say books! Especially arcs and just released books! congrats on the win!

Candyland said...

*Ahem* It is addressed to "Candylander," which is YOU, silly! I haven't won anything in awhile...hmm...except blog reader love. That's good enough for me.

Patty Blount said...

The best thing I won in a contest also came from Candylandgang. It was 30 minutes of phone time from Michele Wolfson. I am still grinning!

Michele Shaw said...

I haven't won much, but latest was a doozy. I won the pitch contest at Operation Awesome a few weeks ago. Prize? Sending my ms to Mandy Hubbard!! Great post, Kelly. Always enjoy your blog.