Friday, September 17, 2010

Book Hungry Book Contest

I am part of an amazing book club called The Book Hungry Club.

We came together via twitter and it has become one of my favorite things.  Mainly because I am passionate about reading.  Through this book club I have been tempted to step outside of my regular reads and pick up things that I would never check out on my own.

With that in mind I have decided to do my very first give away.  Yay!   I know.  You are all excited and can't wait for this so let me tell you about how this is going to work. 

Every month we review a book.  The day after we post our reviews I will be doing a give away of said book.  This will be a brand new book, hardback if it is available and the condition to entering is you have to comment on the blog question that I l ask and be a follower.  That's it.

I have not decided how I am going to select the winner yet, but I will find a genius way to be sure.

So this month up for grabs is Gods In Alabama.  It is a great book.  Sorry to say you will not be getting my copy because I have it on my kindle, but you will get a brand new copy of your very own delivered right to your door.

In Gods In Alabama Arlene takes us on a journey through past and present and we learn who her very first crush was.  So today you need to tell me about yours.  Who was the very first boy/girl you had a crush on?  Name, age when it happened and maybe a quirky little story just for fun.  Next Friday I will announce our winner.  Pretty easy, right? 

So get to it ladies and gentlemen.  Tell me about the first time those hormones woke up.



Linda G. said...

Oh, boy! I already follow you, here and on Twitter, because you rock. *bats eyelashes* And I'm not just saying that so you'll pick me.

My first crush? I was in kindergarten (yes, I was precocious). His name was Phillip, and he had two horses. Honestly? That's probably why I had a crush on him. Though he never did come through with trail ride, sadly.

abby mumford said...

I follow you here (well, on my google reader) and on twitter because i'm already privy to the genius that is you.

And as for my first crush? I too was quite young, like Miss Linda. His name was Steven and we were neighbors. I'd wait at the bottom of my hill (even then, I was always early!) and then we'd walk to the bus stop together. Ah, young love.

Candyland said...

I fell in love with a Mormon. Dark hair, dark eyes, pouty lips. Antonio Banderas but younger...

He touched my boobies and the confessed to his Bishop. We stopped dating shortly thereafter...

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Well I don't really remember it, but apparently I was *in love* with a boy named Steve in Kindergarten. I used to chase him around the playground, corner him and give him kisses. LOL Don't think that was hormones, though. Way too early! But it did establish a pattern... ;)

Patty Blount said...

Genius! But, alas, I already follow you, but want to play anyway.

In grade school, I had a crush on a boy named Michael who despised me down to his toenails because one day, in an earlier grade, somebody belched. When the teacher demanded to know who had no manners, I pointed to him.

Well, it was true.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly. I'm just passing through on a one man blog hop. Hormones? A girl at school... we were both fourteen. A smile and a friendly word. That's all it was, but it was enough to activate my hormones and turn my brain to mush. Being too shy and too poor to ask her on a date, I followed her home (from a safe distance) for weeks until I'd saved enough money to treat a girl right. Come the big day, I held my nerve as best as I could, and waylaid her on her way home. I asked for a date and waited expectantly. Smiling like an angel, she tossed her head back and then gasped. 'F off' she said. Happy days.

Jessica Lemmon said...

My hormones awoke EARLY. I was in second grade. It was Valentine's Day and I made him a special Valentine. But his class was in the adjoining room so I scurried next door to delivere it.

Class was about to start and everyone was seated at their desks. My crush's Valentine's Day lunch sack was pinned to the bulletin board. ON THE TOP ROW.


I strained, I struggled, I reached... all while he & the entire class watched. Finally, my friend (who was taller than I) ended my misery by coming up front and taking it from my handk. She dropped it in his Valentine's Day bag for me.

Then I darted from the classroom!