Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our menu is simple but filling

I am so looking forward to Thursday.  Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday.  I get to spend it with friends and family sharing memories of Thanksgivings past and wonderful food.

The Captain and I enjoy tradition.  We like to sorround ourselves with good food and good friends.  Our offerings have changed over the years but sentiment remains the same today as it did twenty one years ago when we started.

Our dinner will consist of fried turkey, which the Captain has mastered.  (I am so smart.  Not only do I not have to use valuable oven real estate to cook a turkey, I don't have to cook the turkey at all.  Plus, once you have a fried turkey you can't go back to the dried oven variety.) 

I make a home made southern cornbread and biscuit dressing.  This is a recipe that I developed after moving to the south and being exposed to all of these wonderful southern cooks.  This recipe has stood the test of time at my table for more than fifteen years now. 

We also offer up mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (this is made with the condensed soup, onions in a can and fresh green beans.  I draw the line at canned.  If I could convince everyone that the homemade variation is better I would make that instead, but sometimes you have to let tradition stand, just because my culinary skills have improved doesn't mean they really want the menu to change.  And if I'm honest here, I like this version of the casserole myself.)  Rolls, gravy, and the prerequisite berried cranberry sauce.  Now, I must confess.  Normally I make this from scratch too.  But this year I had a special request for the stuff from a can.  I could have made both, but decided there really wasn't any point.  Homemade cranberry sauce is super simple, but sometimes you got to give the guest what they crave and this is particularly true when the requester is your significant other.

Pumpkin pie and coffee round out our dinner. 

So tell me, what are the must have's for you and yours on Turkey day?

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Karla Nellenbach said...

I usually go over to other people's houses on T-Day and host my Thanksgiving the weekend after, when everyone is exhausted from shopping. Also, it's a great way to hoodwink people into decorating my tree. If you feed them, they will do what ever you want. Good thing to remember for when you try to take over the world. Food is the ultimate weapon.

on the turkey front: im not one for the fried bird. call me oldfashioned, but i like to roast mr. turkey. but i give him a nice two-day brine bath, to keep him extra moist and juicy :)