Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Halloween Hangover

Me:  The Grimm Reaper
The Witch
Last night was so exciting.  There were ghosts and goblins.  Phantoms and train conductors.  Ghouls and ware wolves.  We got a prince and a frog, football players and cheerleaders, Yoda and even a garden gnome.  (Him I wanted to keep!)  When the night finally ended I had given away a bunch of candy and was so ready for bed I couldn't keep my eyes open.  My Halloween was a total success. 

The Graveyard
Everyone forgets how much I love this holiday.  I guess sometimes, even I do too.  I can't tell you why this time of year is so special.  I guess because there is magic in the costumes, community in the trick-or-treating and just all out plain fun in trying to scare the kids.  For whatever reason this brings me much joy. 

It's a White Wedding
The Captain didn't make it home in time to partake last night.  He said he was working late.  Okay, so this one time I am going to let it slide.  Actually, he was pretty bummed that he missed most of it.  His favorite part is talking with the kids and handing out the candy.  He isn't up for scaring the kids the way I am, but hey I never said he was perfect.

Let me out!
We got lots of compliments and my front yard became photo central, which I appreciated.  To know that in a couple of years kids will look back on these photos and remember the Grimm Reaper with the tricked out house tickles my funny bone.  I posed, they posed, they played around the tombstones and then they got to go home and pig out on the candy.  Over all it was a huge success. 

Serious Sid

Now what can I do next year????


cnelady said...

Everything looks even cooler in the dark. It was great to meet you. I am so glad I got to see your halloween extravaganza!

abby mumford said...

you know, i still remember the best house in my childhood neighborhood. she'd decorate the wahzoo out of the house and took the term trick or treating literally. sometimes you'd get a full sized snickers, other times, a can of creamed spinach. it was the best and i bet this is exactly how those kids are going to remember your house.

lucky them and lucky you!

p.s. fab pictures!