Friday, August 12, 2011

Something to sink your teeth into

Today I had a dental appointment.  I had to get a crown delivered.

Why do they say it that way?  And by they I mean everyone in my dentist's office.

Receptionist at dentist office, "Good Morning Ms. Breakey, I see your here for your crown delivery."

That's a little freaky for me.  Your taking out the temporary and installing the permanent one.  How are you delivering anything during this process?  And if you are delivering something during this process how come I'm the one in all the pain?  

These are the things I ponder.  

And it does hurt.  

Okay the deliver part didn't actually hurt.  Doh, now they have me doing it.  No while I was in there getting delivery of one I had to have two more teeth prepped for another delivery.  Or would that be deliveries?  No clue.

They shaved the teeth down and let me look at them.  I really wish I could delete that visual from my brain.  It totally grossed me out.  I will have dreams that this is how I now look, I know it.

Then I got a look at the instruments on the tray.  Some of that stuff was more intimidating than what my gyno uses.  Seriously.

By the way if this write up doesn't make sense I have a perfectly good explanation.  I'm on pain meds.  

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abby mumford said...

yowza. i hope the pain has subsided by now!