Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting my Read on!

Today's Friday and I am sooooooooooooooo glad.  

This week has been super-crazy-busy-nuts!  That should really be capitalized.  But I am just too tired to worry about it.

Work has been gangbuster.  Things are starting to pick up which is good news for the company but means that I am burning my candle at both ends.  And let me just say that I am pretty entertaining when my hair catches fire, not when my nether regions do.  Let's just say; it ain't pretty.

There are like 100 things on NetFlix I want to be streaming to my TV and watching but I am too busy for that right now and by the time I have the time to watch it NetFlix will no longer be offering these title for stream.  Wait, did that make sense?  Whatever...too tired to worry that as well.

I have about 1000 books in my TBR pile that keeps getting bigger and bigger and the time I get to spend with said pile keeps getting smaller and smaller.  Of course my TBR pile is actually all of the titles that I have downloaded to my kindle but have yet to read.  

Yes people 1000 is a large number and I have many interest and diverse taste in subjects and authors so when I say 1000 I mean 42.  I know this because I counted.  Good God, when I am going to find the time to read 42 books that I am sure will have grown before the end of the day because something else will have snared my attention.

So this weekend I'm thinking it's going to be all about me.  I am going to spend some quality time alone.  Hanging by the pool with my kindle and reading.  I am going to finish at least three books this weekend or hurt myself trying.  

Wish me luck. 


Karla Nellenbach said...

you only have 42 books in your TBR pile?!?!? and youre complaining about it? dude, you'd probably faint if you saw my list. Im pretty sure it's in the triple digits (and I don't mean low 100s either)

abby mumford said...

GOOD LUCK! those weekend plans sound delicious and delightful. read some for me, would ya?

Linda G. said...

You need luck with a weekend like that planned? It sounds MAHvelous! Enjoy! :)

Jeffe Kennedy said...

That pic is inspiring - now I wanna, too!

Anonymous said...

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