Monday, August 22, 2011

Adding a little bling to the blog

Last week I created a favicon for my blog.  How do you like it?

What is a favicon you ask?


Okay, I didn't know what they were before last week either, but lets pretend I did.

It's like adding a little something-something extra to the blog.  Making your brand that much more recognizable.

See up there in the address line of my blog.  You should see a little KB preceding the address.  That's a favicon.  

I stumbled across a post for a web design site talking about key components to your site.  The favicon was one of the things I had never heard about.  But I started to play with the idea of creating my own.  I knew what they were because I had seem them all over the web but had no idea what they were called. 

After some more fun research and begging, pleading and bribing IT Guy I stumbled upon a site that offered up a way to create one for free.  And you know I love me some free stuff.

So now the question is; do you like it?  Chances are you would never have noticed it had I not pointed it out, but lets just pretend you did notice it.  Is the KB pretty clear?  Do you think the colors are good?  Just a little feedback so I can get it tweaked.

Also just an FYI.  If you decide to play around with a favicon and add one to your blog it takes a couple of days for it to show up after you have uploaded it.  Originally I thought I had done something wrong until I learned that it can take sometimes two or three days for the favicon to show up.

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abby mumford said...

i love all the things you teach us!