Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a Light Show...

As you know by yesterdays post I have been having a hard time finding my Christmas Cheer this year.  Good news.  I got a little bit of it back last night.  I spoke to a friend and I am getting to spend part of my holiday with one of my besties.  We have been best friends since 1993 and I got to watch her children grow up.  This year we will get to be together for a portion of the holiday.

Although I must admit that I got some pretty awesome advice from yesterdays blog posting.  Especially the ones that suggested alcohol.  But since it's a school night that's not really a good idea.  But in the spirit of wanting to share what little holiday spirit I did seem to find tonight I thought I would share this Xmas video with you guys today.


After you finish watching it make sure you head over to Karla's blog to catch her next installment in our Fun and Games Series.  You can hit it here.

Happy Thursday!  So do you put lights on your house this time of year and if you do; is it a little or a lot?  Share please.


Linda G. said...

I feel like such an inadequate Christmas decorator now. *sigh*

Just read Karla's installment. Ball's in your court now--get crackin'!

Samantha Vérant said...

I've got to convince the hubs to get a bigger, less Charlie Brown, x-mas tree this year. With lights. Lots and lots of lights. (He's very utilitarian...)

Candyland said...

a) YAY for finding holiday cheer
b) Can I have some?

abby mumford said...

i wonder what their electric bill is like?

woah, who brought the bah humbug to the party?