Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Captain Kid

So yesterday the Captain had a milestone birthday.  

No it wasn't because of the age, although, he is rolling toward ancient, while I keep revisiting thirty something over and over again.  And why do men just keep getting better looking the older they get and we just keep getting...older?  Yeah, I don't have a good answer for that either, and it's probably better left for another posting.

No, the Captain had a milestone birthday because he got to spend it with some of his favorite people, his younger brothers.  Of course the wives and kids were all around too, but let me be honest here.  He doesn't get to see his little bro's all that often so when he does they revert to ten year old's who are now allowed bottles filled with alcohol, and have the time of their lives.

Even as I update my blog today, this merriest of Christmas Eve's, the Captain is currently off sledding with his brothers and the kids, and I am sure, having the time of his life.  

We drove north this year for the holiday.  And we made it in time to spend his birthday with the family having dinner in his honor and then the grand finale was the chocolate cake.  This year one of my sister-in-laws had volunteered to make it, but in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday and rushing here and there and trying to get to the dinner on time she forgot it.  What I love about this particular SIL is that she didn't stress it, she shrugged it off and stopped at a bakery and shagged one while she was on her way.

No fuss, no muss and the little boys who live across the street from her will be getting a nice surprise when she drops off the chocolate cake today at their house that she made.  They love her cakes, so its really win, win.  I love when it all works out like that.  Of course had it been me I would have freaked out that I had forgotten the cake and then wanted to go back and get it.  Which would have made us late.  Her answer was so much more easier and convenient and at the end of the night, no one is going to remember that the cake wasn't home made, all they are really going to remember is the time spent with each other and the fact that everyone was filled with good cheer. 

So thanks for the warm wishes from the Captain, you all made his birthday special this year with all of the greetings and cards and gifts.  Just know it meant a lot to both of us. 


Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss kelly! im just real happy the captain had a real nice birthday and every thing got worked out ok for the cake. i wish i could be gone sledding. it sounds soooo fun. i didnt ever do it but for sure i could wanna try it. i hope you have a real nice christmas eve and a really happy christmas tomorrow.
...happy holiday hugs from lenny

abby mumford said...

happy birthday, captain kid! i agree, chocolate cake + family and friends is exactly the way to spend the day.

happy day and happy year to follow!

Linda G. said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Captain Kid! Hope it was a nice one. :)

And Happy New Year to you both! May 2011 bring you success and happiness.