Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Hungry: The Host

The book review below was a Book Hungry Club read.  All of the Book Hungry Members are posting a book review today on their blogs.  They are all listed in my blog roll to the right here, so after you read mine, go check them out too! 

This months selection for our book club was brought to us by my book hungry buddy and writing pal Karla Nellenback.  Her selection was The Host by Stephanie Meyer.

In a nut shell:  This one is a keeper for me.  I will be reading this one over and over again.  
Love her or hate her, Ms. Meyer has the ability to take you places and put you in the moment.  But not just put you there, you feel for her characters and this book does not disappoint.  

"The implantation is in its final stages. Soon, earth will be completely free of humans and the planet will be a peaceful place for the “souls” to enjoy - as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Very few humans remain on Earth. When rebels are discovered, they are captured by Seekers - the closest thing to a police force the "souls" have. Once captured, they are prepared for implantation where a small cut is placed at the base of the skull and the "soul,” a centipede looking creature, is put in the body. The "soul" connects to the body and takes control. The first experience the "soul" has is the receiving of the host body’s memories. Typically, the host recedes and leaves the "soul" alone to continue life as usual. For Wanderer, this didn’t happen."

Guess why it didn't happen?  Because Melanie, the human Wanderer was implanted into didn't want to let go.  She wasn't finished.  In true Stephanie Meyer form we feel equally for both Wanderer and Melanie.  I will be surprised if you don't feel sympathetic to Wanderer, this soul who has been around for a very long time and Melanie who has only been alive for twenty earth years.  

Two beings sharing one body.  And this book makes you think without being pretentious about it.  The souls justified colonizing earth because of the archaic and barbarian practices that exist here.  In the places they have resided there is love, peace and joy but you have to get past the idea of colonization and wiping out a species so they can live.

For Melanie this was unacceptable and she was not going to go quietly into the night.  

I liked each of these characters in equal measure and found myself routing for both.  There were laugh out loud moments as well as deep anguish and Ms. Meyer seems to be a master at that whether she is writing about love lorn vamps or soul infestations.  I highly recommend this book to anyone of any age and I challenge you not be as seduced as I was.  

This is going to be a stocking stuffer this year for all of our nieces and nephews who are of the age to read.  But don't worry you can get your copy too.  That's right its time for my monthly book give-away.  If you follow my blog you are already a contender.  If you don't just leave me a comment and good luck.  I will be announcing the winner December 24.  I know Xmas Eve, but don't worry I will make sure you hear if you win.

Now tell me what is the last book that made you think even though it didn't feel like you really were? 


abby mumford said...

i hope your nieces and nephews have big stockings. this book is hefty!

and i think i'm going to cheat and answer your question by saying this book is the last one i read that made me think, really think about what i would do if i was in this situation. (aww, geez. now i'm thinking about it all over again. there goes my productivity for the day.)

Patty Blount said...

What a great idea for stocking stuffers... One of the things I loved about the book is that I kept forgetting Wanderer is the 'bad guy'. She's a worm! A freakin' alien worm! And I loved her.

Jessica Lemmon said...

Wow, okay! I tried to read this book, but didn't do a very good job. Could have been the timing on my part, I will try again! I'd love to win my own copy since I've borrowed it from someone and she would probably like to have her copy back sometime in the next year...

Linda G. said...

I already won a copy on Karla's blog, so don't enter me. :)

Jessica -- it's kind of slow at the beginning. Maybe that's what was giving you trouble. But if keep at it, it's worth it, IMO.

Karla Nellenbach said...

I loved this book from beginning to end, but i can definitely see how Linda (and others) would think it slow in the beginning. For me, the best parts came once Mel started showing Wanderer snips of memories from her life and W fell in love with the people. Then, of course, the near-death scene in the desert. HEART-WRENCHING

Anonymous said...

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