Monday, July 12, 2010

Missing our weekend getaways

Normally this time of year the weekends are all about relaxing.  Me and Captain Kid spend almost every weekend that he is not on call out on our boat.

We start out early in order to see the water at it's calmest.  Sometimes it can be rough in the mornings but for the most part we always find the this time of day, before all of the boating traffic to be the smoothest.

We always have breakfast right after we get across the bay.  We will drop anchor somewhere, hopefully near a school of dolphins and eat.  I make my version of the egg McMuffin because we are both a big fan of those and maybe a bowl of fruit. After breakfast we take a ride.

After a couple of hours we will head to what we consider our spot on Doughnut Island (so called because of its round shape and the fact that is has absolutely  nothing on it.  No trees, no grass, nothing.  Just sand.  I am sure from the air it looks like a great big doughnut).  Sometimes we will dock at the Fort but normally it is getting too crowded by this time and we are sure to see the whole gang at the Island.

Once we have anchored, we unload all of the necessities which is no less than two beach chairs, a cooler, an umbrella, our floats and my beach bag (which weighs a ton because of all of the goodies I bring).  We are usually the first ones to arrive and setting up takes no time at all.

Over the next few hours others will come.  They will bring kids, families, dogs, friends, floats, food, games, grilles, coolers, umbrellas and suntan lotion.  We play in the water. We play games.  We cook.  We play our radio's too loud.   You don't see people talking on cell phones out here.  There are no computers, unless you count my kindle for reading and even that doesn't always come out of the bag.  We socialize and we break bread. 

This year that has changed due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  The inter coastal waterways have been declared unsafe and boaters are cautioned to go out at their own risk.  We have decided to heed these warnings and wait until cleanup has been completed before we venture out once more. 

This time away from boating has brought it into perspective how important it is to take time just for me.  I really miss it, but want the Gulf to recover and prosper once again, so I can wait.  So tell me, how are you and your loved ones spending your down time this summer?


Karla Nellenbach said...

I spend most of my summer chasing the dogs...whether at home or the dog park :) Hey, it's great exercise:)

It's sad how horribly we have all been affected by the Gulf spill. Hopefully, it will cleaned up relatively quickly

Candyland said...

Down time? What's that? :/

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I'm relieved to know the school of dolphins wasn't what was for breakfast...