Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Force is Strong With Me.

I need some help.

Can someone, anyone, explain to me why it is that grown men feel the need to revert to their inner ten year old when they can't find things?

I love my husband.  And I would not trade him for anything.  Really, I wouldn't. But why is it when he can't find something he stops looking after fifteen seconds and comes to me for divine inspiration?  It usually involves tracking down something that I am completely unfamiliar with.  Things like the following:

1.  Something I have never heard of,
2.  Something that has only EVER been in his office.  (Said office being off limits to me without his express written consent. For which I am eternally grateful to not have to navigate through that colossal mess.)
3.  Something that even had I picked it up would never have wanted for myself.
4.  Something that he really could live without.

That being said, why is it when he comes to me and asks me if I have seen said item I feel the need to immediately get up and look for it? I am normally working this blind since I am usually unfamiliar with the item in questions anyway. 

Of course I always get up and help search.  And the search usually ends after I have found whatever it is we are looking for.  Why it is me that always has to find it, I don't know.  But in our house that does seem to be the end result each and every time.

When I polled a couple of adult males (they were all over the age of 35) they explained that it had to do with the lady parts and something called a uterine tracking device.  Amazing, I was unaware.

When I asked Captain Kid about it, he just smiled and said, "The force is strong with you."  I always knew I had a superpower, now it appears I can channel Luke Skywalker as well.  Good information to have. 

So tell me, is the force strong with you?


Linda G. said...

Uterine Tracking Device? ROF,L!! I'm laughing so hard I'm getting funny looks from TG. This post is so true!

Candyland said...

OMG! I know this feeling! I'm like the searcher for all things in the house. I never asked for this title, but somehow managed to get it. Lucky me:/

Susanna said...

*grins* Same here!! It seems my husband, arms stretched wide and gazing up at the ceiling as if God himself has the unattainable item, looks UPward. Always. period. And of course I am the one who retrieves said lost item which is NOT on the ceiling. The years have gone by and my *uterine tracking device* has withered. I just smile sweetly now and remind him he's big boy and to go find it himself. Takes him more time but it works. Lolz.

Karla Nellenbach said...

ahahaha! that is so funny and sad (mostly because it's true!)

Elizabeth Ryann said...

I can't stop giggling. I've seen this happen SO MANY TIMES.

Kelly Breakey said...


Thanks for the comments. I so appreciate it.

Linda, glad I could get your day started off right.

Candy, I think we all feel this way.

Susanna, I am so envious that you found a way past it.

Karla, your right it is true.

Elizabeth, one day this can be you too!

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

we also call this the "Honey, Where's My.." gene, located only on the Y chromosome. On the plus side, I've learned I need not hide gifts or treats I want to keep - I simply put them behind or under something else...

Cynthia Reese said...

Oh, this is TOO funny and too true. But you forgot the sister traits that all women share: we are the possessors of the answers to life's Toughest Questions ... "What's for supper?" and "Oops, Mommy, I broke this, how do you fix it?"

Hey, I left you a blog award on my blog ... enjoy!

Tawna Fenske said...

Uterine tracking device? OMG, this explains so much!

My husband was recently telling me about a study that demonstrated how women are far superior than men at remembering minute details like this and locating objects. A bunch of men and a bunch of women were stuck in a waiting room for 30 minutes, unaware of what they were being tested on. When they were summoned for their "appointment," they were asked to list all the things they saw in the waiting room and where each object was located. Unsurprisingly, most men were clueless. Even more unsurprisingly, the women could remember dozens of objects in the room and how each little thing was positioned within that room.

Go freakin' figure.

Terrific post!

Kelly Breakey said...

Jeffe: I don't have to hide the gifts either...hmmm. I never put the two together.

Cynthia...thanks for the award. So appreciated.

Tawna: Thanks for stopping by. I totally believe this study, because my husband and I can go to the exact same place and see the exact same thing and walk away with two wildly differing experiences.

Thanks for commenting and reading ladies.


Sue London said...

Too funny. We're similar, but it kind of goes both ways in our house. When he can't find something (which, yes, can turn him into a panicked tween) he usually needs me to find it. Contrariwise, when I lose something my panic clouds my mind too much for the Jedi mind trick and the item is usually discovered by his Vulcan logic. (Me, I'm not so good at logic.)