Saturday, April 15, 2017

A little yard work never hurt anyone...

This weekend the hubs and I did some work on the backyard and when I say the hubs and I, I actually mean the hubs.  He is so much handier than I am with outdoor activities.  Mainly because I am too much of a girl and really, really hate being dirty.

I was actually tasked with helping him for about 30 minutes, but then I got sand in my hair and I was done.  Don't ask.

This weekend's task was to get our two outdoor umbrella's changed out.

We live in Florida.  It is hot in Florida.  Even if you are lucky enough to have a pool, which we are, the sun can be brutal.  Umbrella's are a must.  We have a lanai that goes across the back of the house and we love that, but you still need some sort of cover for the pool.

Yeah, we're not those type of people to have a fully enclosed pool with a shade all around it.  I don't understand the purpose of those.  I want to be outside.  Feel the sun on my face, until I need shade and then float myself under one of my beautiful umbrellas.

So that was the accomplishment for the weekend.  And don't they look stunning?  Trust me.  They do.

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Nelson Myers said...

My wife is the same way. She will "help" for a little bit then get distracted by something else and never come back. Fortunately, I have a son who I require to assist me all along the way with just about everything outside. I like your pool setting there, gave me some great ideas to put enclosure and shade around mine!

Nelson Myers @ Aquanetic Pools