Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The ties that bind...

Cooking is a passion for me.  That along with boating, reading and playing with different types of software.  

It seems for the last six months or so I have not had time for anything more than reading.  And the only reason I have had time for reading is because I am taking that time for myself.  Makes getting everything else done that needs to be done harder, but I'm okay with that.

This past weekend I spent all day Sunday reading.  Laying in bed, my laptop, kindle, iPad, tablet and cell phone all within in easy reach.  (Yes I have a little thing for technology.) The day flew by for me.  But overall, it was a productive day.  I completed four books.  Those were full length books, but I also read three novellas.  

I haven't had time to read during the week.  With work, working out and rushing around trying to get everything done before the end of the evening, reading just seems to be a by product of everything else.  But it is my one vice that I am not willing to give away.

During the summer I lose the inclination to heat up the kitchen.  I find sitting behind my computer a drag and boating is something that can only be done on the weekend.  Reading.  Well reading is something I can do any time of the day.  I can carry my devices with me and anytime I have a spare moment I can enjoy some leisurely down time.  

Reading...it does a body good.

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