Thursday, August 29, 2013

Loss, it never quite leaves you.

My Gram was a pioneer.

When she was still a girl she made the decision to leave her home and her family for a better life.

She was my hero and I miss her everyday.

This month marks five years since she left us. 

I so wish I could say that there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of her.  Plenty of them whistle right along.  But then, one will happen and the loss will sucker punch me so hard I can't breathe.

Her time here on this earth was put to good use.  She raised a family.  She stepped in and raised a grandchild when it was called for.  Yep, that would be me.

She didn't complain about her lot in life.  She just lived it.  She laughed.  She loved.  She was loved.

She instilled in me a desire to see the world and be the best women I could be.

I don't always live up to the standard she set, but I do try.

I miss you.


1 comment:

Linda G. said...

Aww. You're lucky you had a woman like your grandmother in your life. Or, I should say "have," because she's obviously still with you. :)